The Wonder of You

Think about the things in your life that matter to you. Are you living life to the fullest? There’s a lot of “I don’t know” in the answer. Over here, in your meat suit where you are reading this, your life is not a concept. You are not a theory, or an insightful notion. You[…]

Oh, the humanity!

The dastardly creature residing within all of us. Like a diamond, there are more facets, expressions, and ideas attached to the human condition that can be expressed in a post, a book, or even several volumes.  There are thousands of disciplines, from psychology to economics, that deal with elements of the human condition.  There are[…]

The Tides of Compassion

You don’t have to spend more than five minutes online to see we’re doing a terrible job of understanding where other people are coming from.  In today’s extremely charged and polarized political climate, many people are unwilling to even consider someone else’s worldview as valid. And then we wonder why there’s so much anger. I[…]

Don’t Bore Us. Get to the Chorus.

Sales is such a funny thing.  In some ways, everything is sales.  If I want pizza and you agree to it, I sold you on it.  Obviously some things are easier to sell than others.  Visions and projects are some of the toughest.  From what I’ve seen, it kind of looks like this: When someone[…]

Living the Dream

You have a dream life, and in your mind’s eye it’s all so beautiful and magical.  Singing flowers, world peace, snazzy transportation, and that perfect someone who never gets mad, upset or depressed.  And all the perfect flavors to suit your tastes. You have big plans, and someday when they all work out, you’ll arrive. […]

People Just Want to be Understood

We’re all struggling to keep it together, even if we have a staff of 100 working with us to keep it that way. Our daily lives are filled with feelings and experiences and often frustration. We keep a lot of it to ourselves. I think it’s because we innately suspect that when we share how[…]

Frustration is my Friend

By my friend, I mean an annoying little creature who is always around, constantly haranguing me, and at its worst, convincing me to give up. I say I want a challenging life, filled with things that matter, and adventures worth having. Until I taste adversity. The moment I am actually challenged, I get frustrated. My[…]

Taking it to the Limit

We all have moments when we give life everything we’ve got to give. Times when we rise to the occasion. In sad irony,  life rarely goes our way in those moments. If things were really clicking, we wouldn’t have to push so hard. In those moments when we push the most, we are challenged. There’s no reason to[…]

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

“Coaching is not intended as a substitute for psychological counseling, therapy, or professional health care advice.” This is a critical and often overlooked point.  Not only is coaching a different discipline than psychology / therapy / counseling (I’ll just call it “therapy” for the rest of the post), they have very different licensing requirements.  By[…]