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Life Coaching (aka personal coaching) is about living the lifestyle you want and becoming the best version of yourself along the way.

  1. Perspective Shift: We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. If we’re going to change things, you’re going to need new eyes to see.
  2. Action-Oriented Results: All agreements are based on specific and measurable outcomes. Result happen fast, targets can (and will) change, and the work we do builds on itself each call.
  3. Worthwhile Challenges: Our clients surprise themselves by stretching beyond where they usually stop. We bring out the best in people.
  4. Collaborative Process: Coaching is a partnership. As long as you make it to the call, it always works out.
  5. Real Momentum: Our coaching provides new levels of productivity, novelty, excitement and fun.

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Many of us find purpose and identity in our careers. All successful people in the world surround themselves with advisors, mentors, and coaches: Presidents, corporate leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, superstars.
There are many kinds of business coaching:

  1. Leadership Development: Getting people to do what you want them to, the way you want them to, and in the time you give them requires becoming someone who brings out the best in people.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Whether you're just starting a venture or scaling up, we support people in maintaining sustainable businesses.
  3. Corporate: We provide custom programming that covers most facets of organizational development, management consulting, and company culture initiatives.
  4. Career Navigation: There's no set way to grow in our careers. We support people in all stages of their career journey, including new career directions, getting a new role or that big promotion, dealing with daily challenges, and charting out your ambitions and plans.Check out What We Do to learn more about each of these offerings.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”

Turn It Up To Eleven

The basics of our approach









How do you make certain it produces tangible results?
We provide something beyond advice: the ability to say, feel, and do new things.

A typical client for us is someone who is hungry to expand his or her career, build a project from the ground up, master their craft, or amplify their management intelligence.

Over the last ten years, we’ve coached thousands of people professionally and personally. Our hard-hitting coaching style gets right to the point in a non-confrontational way.

Our clients produce results with surprising speed, and stretch themselves beyond where they usually stop and where they’ve been comfortable. We bring out the best in people.

We all lose perspective when looking at ourselves; it’s much easier to see what other people should do. Our clients see what they can’t see, and do what they don’t want to do, so they can have the career and lifestyle they want.

We provide a personalized experience for each of our clients. It’s a collaborative process that includes self-observation, creativity, and action.

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. We understand the importance of discretion, and we maintain confidentiality regarding our clients.


Google Reviews and Thumbtack Reviews

I have been through a number of different styles of coaches through the years. I have enough expertise to know if what I am receiving is working. Eleven Coaching is effective! But you have to be willing to work equally hard and be open to change! If you are expecting an instant fix, that is not what coaching provides. Take the time to commit to working multiple months to make the incremental changes necessary to have Eleven’s methods be effective. Highly Recommended!

Larry J.

I really liked that they are goal-oriented, and that the goals we set together are reasonable, measurable, and achievable. Plus, their focus on multiple aspects of your life makes a lot of sense since your career, living situation, health, etc are all related. I’m not done yet, but it’s been great so far.

Samantha C.

Tailored and flexible, Eleven Coaching offers the amount and type of support you need and doesn’t lock you into a high-cost, long-term contract to do it.

Kristian K.

Mic was the best coach I have ever had. I can think of all kinds of coaches I’ve had in my lifetime: personal, softball, track, business, etc. No one has come close to the effectiveness of Mic. He has completely transformed my mind and helped me to propel my business forward. I highly recommend him. Don’t delay. Get it done!

Meme S.

Over the weeks of coaching, Gabriel helped me discover the patterns I have that compromised my productivity. He also provided practical action plan and accountability that measure and push my progress. It’s uncomfortable building new habits, but the progress sheds important insight.

Chihwei L.

Coach Vanessa is dope. Period! She knows her stuff and has been a driving force behind the changes I have made. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Jocelyn V.

My coach Marni is amazing! Only a few months in and most of my goals are accomplished!

Tia T.

Best money ive spent…my life has shifted 180 since I started working with Mic. If you are ready to put your life where you want it, he will help get you there.

Chrissy R.

Mic is the best of the best. Life has changed dramatically for the better in a very short amount of time. Increased in productivity and energy as well as a continued improvement in my perspective. Highly recommend.

Kyle A.

How Coaching Works

The folks at Wellcoaches have put together a short video that illustrates how the coaching process works.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve Got Answers

How does life coaching differ from consulting, therapy, sports coaching, or a best friend?

The overly simplified answer (there are 500 different ways to categorize):

  • Coaching focuses on achievement and evolution;
  • Consulting delivers answers and solutions to problems;
  • Therapy delves into the internal world;
  • Sports coaching is about maximum human physical performance;
  • A best friend is a lot of things, and they often lack objectivity into your world. Few people are as invested in your life as a bestie.

Why do successful people hire life coaches?

All successful people in the world are surrounded by advisors, mentors, and coaches. Coaches help drive real progress and maintain pacing over time, something many of our goals require. Great coaching stretches you beyond what’s comfortable, then stretches you again.

One thing we’ve learned from the hundreds of businesses and thousands of people we’ve worked with is that people seem to have the same problems no matter what industry they’re in or what their personal life looks like.

Great coaches are experts in human performance. Being a little better every day, doing the things you want to do now, and engaging in your life in ways that you want are our focus. We believe that being human is not something to be corrected. We are all only human, and the opportunity is to do the most we can with what we have. 

Cooperation is one of the major keys to success. A great coach is the ultimate collaborator.

Why does life coaching produce rapid change?

Answering this question could fill several books. Here is one perspective, and there are many other views that are equally valid.

There are predictable ways that you and I think and speak and act. We are creatures of habit because we are wired that way. You’ve spent a lifetime practicing being you. Wherever you go, there you are doing the things you do and saying the things you do. Normally, we think of that as “just being ourselves” or “just doing the me thing.”

If you think and say and do different things than you normally do, then different things will happen. This is part of what people mean by “getting out of your comfort zone.” Coaching gives you the opportunity to step outside of the familiar ways you interact with life, and if you take a different action, something different will happen.

That’s what it takes to change things; the willingness to say and do things that are new for us.

How much does coaching cost?

We do offer packages that fit into almost any budget based on your specific coaching needs. Coaching follows a somewhat arbitrary pricing model. At Eleven, our prices fit into almost any budget. Whether you are looking for group empowerment calls, full training and coaching support for your employees, or a personal coach to champion your ambitions, we’ve got something for almost everyone.

Note: Your coaching needs change over time. One size does not fit all.

How long must I commit to working with a coach?

All of our clients start producing results after the first call. As long as you are up to something and your coach is providing value, it’s a worthwhile process. While we do set goals out in the future, our clients come and go as it serves them.

Can dependency develop between coach and client?

You can develop a dependency on anything. While coaching is an incredibly useful resource, we do not recommend outsourcing the decision-making in your life.

You are responsible for yourself. A coach does not know what is best for you. You are the sole decision-maker in the coaching process. Any and all actions or consequences resulting from your choices are your responsibility.

Developing the ability to make powerful decisions is something some of our clients work on!

Shouldn’t I reach my goals on my own?

There is a worldview among some people that a person should be able to do 100% of everything on their own and figure everything out themselves.

There’s not a lot of money in that. There’s not a lot of love in that. Modern life is a team sport. Sometimes, the right tool for the job is another person’s perspective. Whether you want a million dollars or a happy family, there’s a lot of value in being someone who cooperates with others.

Humans exist in community, and we do need others to make our way in the world.

So no, you aren’t “supposed to” figure it all out yourself. You have huge resources in the people around you. Don’t shortchange yourself that gift!

If you are someone who is compelled to do it all yourself, we’re out here if you ever need a little boost.

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