1. in a state of action; in force or operation; active:
  2. full of energy and spirit; lively
  3. having the quality of life; vivid; vibrant:

You know those moments of intensity when your hair stands on end, when you feel jumpy, or like you’re crawling out of your skin?

The anxiety before a big presentation or completion of a project. The fear and apprehension before you tell a loved one that you broke the lamp. The pressure and stress of managing all your projects.

Human beings often think that if we can just get through those moments of intensity and anxiety, life will be OK.

We yearn for the moment we can numb out in front of the television or our favorite game, or when we can just relax without any obligations or commitments.

And what is it we’re trying to get through?

Those powerful feelings and experiences are one ultimate expression of aliveness.  They are the moments to savor.

It’s appropriate for a human being to want the intensity to end.  Seeking stability and calmness is hard wired into our animal nature, and certainly has a valuable and appropriate place in our lives.

Just for today, give yourself permission to live.

Enjoy the roller coaster that is being fully alive.

You might surprise yourself with how delicious life is.

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