Everybody Wants Something

More money, more adventure, more time with the kids, time away from the kids, more power, less responsibility, lunch… we all want something. Sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we get some kind of shadow of what we want, sometimes we get something completely different. Sometimes we get nothing. Sometimes we get what we Read more about Everybody Wants Something[…]


The definition of acknowledge is “to admit to be real or true; and show or express recognition or realization of.” You could acknowledge your achievements, or the people around you, or even the weather. Just for today, find something to acknowledge about everything. Once you start to build a muscle in this, you’re likely to Read more about Acknowledgement[…]


Real honesty is the willingness to confront what doesn’t work about our lives. The courage to move aside thoughts like:“Everything is fine, and it’s improving.”“I’m doing the best I can.”“There’s nothing I can do about that.”“There’s lots of other parts of my life that work, it’ll be fine if this continues.” If you want to Read more about Honesty[…]