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Are you able to ride a bike? There are more than a billion bikes worldwide, although no one really knows how many there are. Almost half of the bicycles are in China, and there are approximately 100 million bikes in the United States, although there’s no consensus on the bicycle census. There’s a lot of bikes out here, and I’m going to take the chance that you-who-is-reading-this has developed the skill called riding a bike (if not, thanks for humoring the analogy).

Do you know how to balance? Are you able to explain it?

I asked The Google to show me a bike riding tutorial, and here’s what it said about balance:

"Try pushing yourself along fast and "gliding" with your feet up in the air, steering only with your hands. Notice the tendency of your body to lean slightly into the curve to keep balance when just using your hands to steer… [I]nstead of using your hands, try to make turns with your body and let the bike follow you; you'll notice that the front wheel will also make the turn automatically. This is the key bike-riding skill: balancing and steering."

Here’s the tip for balancing on a bicycle. “Balance is easier to keep when the rider is moving faster.”

When asking The Google “how to balance,” the first few pages are covered with information about living a balanced life.

Just for today, I invite you to explore what the heck balance is.

A balanced life is easier to keep when one has momentum.
Knowing techniques to create balance do not build momentum.
Momentum is built by pedaling.

Learning another tip or insight may help you understand living a balanced life.

Unless you get your butt on the seat, you’ll never build momentum.

Just for today, pedal. Lean into the curves.

When you fall down, get back up.

And enjoy the ride!!

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