Startup & Business Coaching

Eleven Coaching supports businesses in every stage, from solopreneurs and startups to large corporations

What we’ve learned from the hundreds of businesses we’ve worked with is that people seem to have the same problems no matter what industry they’re in, because all business require people. Even if it’s just you, there’s still your customers. While people are predictable in groups, you never really know how today is going to be for someone. We’re somewhat random like that.

Capitalism is a full contact sport. Success requires making tough choices. It is possible to have all of the success you want and stay true to yourself. Great coaching elevates leadership and collaboration in ways that directly and positively impact the bottom lines of money.

Business Coaching

Some of the things we do with our business coaching clients:

  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Sales and Client Acquisition
  • Business plan design and investor pitch preparation
  • Business Scaling and expansion
  • Launching new lines of business
  • Developing and implementing best practices and operating manuals
  • Ensuring your company is following your plan
  • Employee training and retention
  • Developing or reinventing company mission and vision
  • Keeping the company mission and vision alive on a daily basis
  • Time Management and Balance
  • Billing Practices and Pricing Models
  • Forecasting and strategic planning

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