Corporate Coaching

Great coaches have supported titans of industry for decades, and can make all the difference. If coaching is useful for Fortune 100 Executives, it can be useful to all levels of an organization. What we’ve learned from the hundreds of businesses we’ve worked with is that people seem to have the same problems no matter what industry they’re in. Businesses consist of groups of people, and great coaching elevates leadership and collaboration in ways that directly and positively impact the bottom line.

We get the best out of the people and teams at companies, sometimes known as maximizing human capital, synergizing performance outcomes, deconstructing siloed departments, and whatever other specialized language your organization uses to define getting humans to elevate their productivity. Simply put, Eleven Coaching enhances what you’ve already got going on.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” Our approach is simple, compassionate, and fun. We leave people and organizations better than we found them, and that is what we are most proud of.

Our corporate and group engagements are always custom designed.  We find our clients each have unique key outcomes and circumstances that transcend canned solutions. Your organization has already defined values, culture, and needs.

Corporate Coaching

Some of the biggest issue our corporate client face include:

  • Leadership Effectiveness / Management Intelligence
  • Redefining Job roles 
  • Time management and professional boundaries
  • Impacting company culture
  • Fostering an environment of cooperation and collaboration.
  • Having company mission / vision / values alive and real every day
  • Increasing team performance and communication
  • Streamlining meetings
  • Expanding staff and creating new positions
  • Redesign of operations, accountabilities, best practices, and resources
  • Curriculum design for training programs, seminars

Ready to Elevate Your Organization?

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