Don’t Bore Us. Get to the Chorus.


Sales is such a funny thing.  In some ways, everything is sales.  If I want pizza and you agree to it, I sold you on it.  Obviously some things are easier to sell than others.  Visions and projects are some of the toughest.  From what I’ve seen, it kind of looks like this:

When someone is telling what they’re offering, what they’re up to, or something that happened in their lives, we want them to get to the point right away.  But when it’s our projects, services, or adventures… “Let me explain all the nuances to you.”

We want elevator pitches from others, we just don’t want to have to give them. You need the details to really understand.  I don’t want to hear *your* details, neccessarily, the bottom line is just fine.  And such is one of the cruel jokes about communication.

I’m painting in broad strokes here, and of course not every situation is going to fit into this neat little box every time.  Nothing does.  Effective communication is about transmitting a thought in your head to someone else, and having them know exactly what you’re trying to say.  It’s not easy to do, and there’s a lot to say about it.  Like in that last sentence, are you sure you know what the “it” I’m talking about is?

How often do people use pronouns and neglect to include a noun to go with it?

“If I can just get through this…”
“I can’t stand it any more.”
“This is some bullshit.”

I challenge you to see how many times you can notice this coming out of your or others’ mouths for 48 hours.  And when you catch it, find out what pronoun is referring to.  You’ll be amazed at what happens.

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