Everything Matters!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

You have no idea how much you are ignoring in your life. In the moments when you’re willing to notice, life alters.

All those little things you dismiss and the stuff you sweep under the rug. All that stuff you pretend isn’t there or isn’t happening. All the things you and I say “don’t really matter” or “isn’t a big deal” or “isn’t worth doing today because of all the other important things.”

All those little itches compound into something that’s too overwhelming to scratch even superficially.

And then we wonder how colors get so dull, true love becomes annoying, or Spring stops being bouncy.

What if everything (and everyone) matters? It’s not difficult to imagine, because we do and it does. All of it.

Every bit makes a difference, from the interactions you have with servers and clerks to that painting you never finished. That action you never took or that person you haven’t spoken to in years. The skates, guitar, or book collecting dust in your closet. The forgiveness you never grant yourself, no matter how trivial the event may seem. Even taking a moment to acknowledge ourselves or let something go sometimes feels like it doesn’t matter.

Just for today, notice a couple of those little things you pretend don’t matter. All change starts with telling the truth about how things are now.

Simply acknowledge it, and take one tiny action. Maybe two. Make it super small and seemingly inconsequential, though. That’s the key part. Do something so small it feels like it doesn’t matter.

The catch is you have to do the thing. You have to take that one stupid action. Just the one. Just once. Just today.

Everything matters. Especially you. You’re here and you’re definitely alive. That’s a great reason to do it!

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