Just for today: Be flexible.

It is certain that life will come at you. Just for today, let whatever life and the people in your world bring you flow by. Practice letting go of your first reaction or being annoyed; you often don’t enjoy those experiences.

Life is going to do whatever it does regardless of any opinions or wishes you and I may have. We may be able to tame rivers and drill holes in mountains, yet we are all at the mercy of a sudden stubbed toe or surprise tumor. Life is random and chaotic. That’s called being alive.

We can resist and force and manipulate, and collectively we can create great works together with focused effort, labor, and ingenuity. Individually, each of us can try our best to hold back the waves. Good luck with that.

A new kind of flexibility isn’t using the same tools and techniques we’ve developed. It’s something new for each of us, not some grand idea of flexibility that we all need to subscribe to as the new and hip dogma. For each of us individually, the question becomes, what are new ways to be flexible?

One thing I like to practice is being agreeable. I practice it because I’m both a passive / aggressive animal, and sometimes I feel like being agreeable is the same as being a pushover. Life, circumstances, and other people have very little care for my agenda. It’s not personal, that’s how it is around here. Life will keep moving no matter what you or I do.

Just for today, be flexible to whatever life brings. Enjoy the grand adventure that is your world. Flow like water, and explore how smooth life can be.

Maybe this is what people mean when they say things like “perception is reality” or “life is what you make it”. But who can tell what people mean?

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