Generate Yourself

Photo by Kevin Nalty on Unsplash

Heard the term “fake it till you make it?”

You don’t have to feel a certain way or “be ready” to have what you want, or be who you want to be.

We can let our feelings be our guide, and flap in the wind like a tattered flag when we feel lousy. We can let our thoughts guide us, and be led by the nose by our endless opinions (and if I spoke to you the way you talk to yourself… oh look out!).

Or we can generate something now. In the moment. Simply because we can.

You can have a new experience of life right now, even if your circumstances stay the same.

You have demonstrated over time the ability to generate yourself even when thought you you didn’t have it in you: Ever seen yourself in a crisis?

You did make it this far, and that says a lot about you.

Just for today, moment by moment, generate yourself.

And enjoy the miracles.

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