Group Coaching

Sometimes we don’t need the intensity of a one on one conversation with a coach, where the focus is entirely on you and you have to answer every question asked and fill in all the blanks. Sometimes, we just need to be part of a shared conversation or a group exploration. 

Whether you want to expand your perspective, practice skills of leadership and communication with others, or expand your knowledge base, Eleven Coaching offers various events and programs.

Group Coaching

Our group offerings consist of four kinds of group calls:

  • Seminars focus on performance and present tools for daily life:
    Sample Topics:
    • Turning aspirations into clear, measurable results
    • Exploring work / life balance
    • How to Elevate performance
    • Creating Opportunities for Others: Beyond Sales
    • Adulting (A Seminar series)
    • Taking action no matter how we feel
  • Group explorations of concepts to shift your experience of yourself and life:
    Sample Topics:
    • Experiencing Joy in the Mundane
    • Leadership is about Courage
    • Looking Around Corners
  • Workshops for hands on skills development
    Sample Topics:
    • Active Listening Practices
    • Holding People Accountable
    • Creating Rapport with People
  • Ongoing Empowerment Series:
    These ‘mini-masternind’ groups are based on shared interests and have a specific focus (i.e. real estate or sales), or are more general life coaching empowerment calls. These ongoing series including membership in our online community.

Some of our group offerings and coaching can be used as CEUs. Inquire with us about how Eleven’s offerings can fulfill your ongoing requirements for credentials of all kinds.

You can see our current schedule of group programs here. If you want to request a program or a topic, you can do so here

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