How to Get Anything You Want in 3 Simple Steps

We all want things.  Some of our wants are impulsive, momentary cravings and pangs that flow at the speed of thought.  Some of our wants are full-blown visions, replete with intricate plans, nuances, and intricacies that turn our lives into architectural triumphs, and fulfill on our life’s work.  Ideas and philosophies abound on how to alter the course of a project, force outcomes, leverage resources, communicate better, and live in a world of abundance.  And as much as people talk about having what they want, too often we find ourselves lacking the things we want the most.

We could inquire into why this is the way things are, and how we ended up a species that is self-aware, practically bionic, and fully plugged in.  We could explore “why” we don’t have what we want, and process our limiting beliefs till we are emotionally and mentally exhausted.  We could even revisit our past, and recreate the traumatic incidents of our lives until we craft explicit and exotic explanations of why we are unable to achieve the results we desire, or become who we aspire to be.   While all of this provides a compelling and time consuming hobby, it rarely provides any real access to having what we want.

There is a simple three step process to having what we want  Even the really big things.

  1. What do I Want?
    It’s not the question that derails people, it’s how we choose to answer it.
    When we are specific in the results we desire (i.e. 3 new clients, proposal outlined), it becomes simple to determine if we have achieved our goals.
    This provides the opportunity to clearly define, and thus undeniably have, what we want.
  2. What has to Happen to achieve that result?
    Once we are clear about what we want,  there are specific milestones that have to happen.  As elementary as it sounds, it’s a clear path from where you sit to your goal when the milestones and actions are clearly defined.  Whether you work backward or look at the next step, defining the steps along the way to produce the result is critical.
  3. Take the Actions.
    This is where the magic happens.  Regardless of how elaborate plans may be, how detailed resources may be allocated, it is all for naught without action.

There’s almost always money for a party.  There’s time for a social or entertainment event.  And we find the time to watch our favorite movies and TV shows.

We really can have what we want now, whether it’s a new couch or a social paradigm shift.  All it takes is three simple steps.

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