Living the Dream


You have a dream life, and in your mind’s eye it’s all so beautiful and magical.  Singing flowers, world peace, snazzy transportation, and that perfect someone who never gets mad, upset or depressed.  And all the perfect flavors to suit your tastes.

You have big plans, and someday when they all work out, you’ll arrive.  Today isn’t the day though; there’s still so much to do before that.  Or maybe you’ve arrived, and this is the life you always wanted.  Either way, I’ve never met someone who had it all together.  If you were given everything you want in life on a platter right now exactly the way you want it, I’ll bet you a taco you’d screw it up in less than a minute.

Some people say “Well, if I have what I want, I won’t have any ambition.”  Good news!  You’ll always want something else.  Win a Super Bowl, all there is to do is win another.

Others (or sometimes the same person) say “I can’t arrive until this magical thing happens, and until then nothing I do counts.”

People say a lot of things, don’t they?

If today was the day I arrived, I’d be seriously responsible for doing a whole bunch of things.  A high level of intensity and effort, and all for the stuff that I think is important.  A life filled with the things I love to do, the grind necessary to maintain it, and whatever I call satisfaction.

That sounds like a lot of work.  Having less than all of that sounds much easier.

Then again, I’ll do it for others.  I’ll give everything I have in service to projects that aren’t my own.  I often convince myself that I must spend all of my reserves on things that don’t matter to me, and then shirk the things I love because there’s nothing left in my stash to enjoy a sunset, or I’d rather deaden my brain for awhile.

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