Oh, the humanity!


The dastardly creature residing within all of us.

Like a diamond, there are more facets, expressions, and ideas attached to the human condition that can be expressed in a post, a book, or even several volumes.  There are thousands of disciplines, from psychology to economics, that deal with elements of the human condition.  There are a million ways to look at why you are the way you are.  Unfortunately, no insight into yourself is likely to fundamentally change anything.  Most of the time, the best case scenario is you’ll have a great explanation for why you do the things you do.  And that explanation will quickly become your favorite justification for continuing that behavior, or your reason for why it’s not worth trying, or whatever you do with it.

The human condition is universal amongst our kind, and the simplest answer to “why do I do the ridiculous things I do?” is that you’re only human.  We’re all only human, doing what human beings do.  Our own personal insanity is the exact way you’d expect a human being to behave, and we’re designed to do these things.

We are hard wired to do these things, and it’s part of the condition we all live in.  You cannot be flawed and broken and operating exactly how you’re designed simultaneously.

The way you procrastinate, yell, get frustrated, experience being bummed out, fear failure and intimacy, and all the other things you do, that’s what human beings do.  You and I, we’re only human, doing exactly what human beings do.

The next time you ask yourself “what’s wrong with me” or “why do I keep doing that?” remind yourself that the answer is “I’m a human being.”

And then take an action that moves your life forward.

As much as all that silliness is our human condition, so is our capacity to do great things, offer unconditional love and forgiveness, and to rise to the occasion.

Revel in your humanity, it’s not going away until you do.

And remember: your flaws aren’t personal.  You’re only human.

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