Eleven Coaching:

A Journey from Car Park to Nationwide Impact

The Car Park Chronicles

East Atlanta is an eclectic place, and Eleven Coaching was cooked up in this urban stew. Mic Mell started Eleven Coaching in coffee shops, using his car as a mobile office. The car park sessions were raw, intimate, and impactful. Our clients in those early days were mostly scrappy entrepreneurs and artists earlier in their careers.

The Seed Takes Root

After not too long, Mic’s passion for coaching grew beyond the confines of coffee shops. Eleven moved it’s offices to Strongbox West, a space filled with art, innovation, and some of Atlanta’s most interesting businesses, artisans, and design firms.

Growth and Specialization

It was somewhere during this period that Eleven began serving a much broader clientele. What started as a boutique venture began serving clients in all aspects of human enterprise. We saved marriages and presided over some of them ending. We’ve supported people in becoming parents and finding forgiveness and peace with their moms and dads.

We helped startups get funded, supported the launching of media companies and hedge funds, backed people in all stages of their career journeys. We’ve seen people lose hundreds of pounds and write books and redo their houses and make the time to enjoy the little in life that matter the most.

Executive, artists, and athletes have sought Eleven Coaching’s expertise. It never matters if it’s a passion project or your Magnum Opus. What started as conversations in a coffee shop car park transformed into a national organization.

The Nationwide Network

Eleven Coaching’s impact transcended geography. We began a rapid expansion, hiring dozens of coaches to serve our clients. We documented our method, and began developing our coaching school because we felt that our approach to coaching wasn’t prevalent.

What started as one man in the driver’s seat blossomed into a team of Master Coaches, a coaching certification program, and clients across the United States.

The Magic of Eleven

Our core values:

  1. Achievement: “A goal is just a dream with a finish line.” ~ Duke Ellington
  2. Evolution: “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” ~ Anonymous
  3. Adventure: You are the main character of your life, and you have a say in how that story unfolds.
  4. Collaboration: “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation” ~ Bertrand Russell

The Summit

Eleven Coaching has grown far beyond one man trying to be useful to pay the rent. What started as an experiment in saying smart things to motivate people has evolved.

Today, Eleven Coaching offers reliable coaching services to individuals and groups around the world in almost every aspect of human achievement and industry. We provide coach training and certification not only to those who desire to be professional coaches, but to anyone who wants to enhance their leadership and communication using the skills of coaching.

We started in 2014 in a car park in East Atlanta. We continue ever forward in our purpose to leave people better than we found them, and to do our part to make the future of humanity a little better, one person at a time.

Eleven Coaching Team Members
Eleven Coaching Team