Personal Coaching

One on One

The heart of our practice is our one-on-one coaching. Your coach doesn’t get to take credit for your successes, and great coaching can have a profound impact on quality of life. There are lots of different coaching styles and methods, and what resonates with you will vary based on what season of life you are in and what you are up to. 

Having a coach is a very intimate thing. No one will ever know what really happens in a coaching agreement except you and your coach. Eleven has dozens of coaches available to support our clients.

Personal Coaching

Here are some facts about our individual coaching:

  • All agreements are based on specific and measurable outcomes that you, the client, define.

  • Outcomes often get fulfilled fast, the targets can (and will) change, and the work we do builds on itself each week.

  • Coaching is part of the human potential movement, and the focus is you being your best self while you produce outrageous results.

  • As long as you make it to the call, it always works out. Almost anything can be resolved with communication.

  • Our coaching provides new levels of productivity, novelty, excitement, and fun.

VIP Services: For our most discerning clientele, a more bespoke approach is often required. Discover how we can be of highest and best use in your world! Contact us.

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