Power in Uncertainty

The world is filled with uncertainty. The situation looks different depending who and where we are, and sometimes that gap shows up with people who live less than an hour away. It’s so easy to buy into fear, or whatever you think will cause collapse, or whomever you think are the fascists, or whatever side you are on when major conflicts arise.

It is likely the world will keep going and we will make it through all this. One way or the other, our lives will surely end. We have an opportunity to make the most of this time we have together. You have the opportunity to make the most of the time you have with the rest of us. That’s going to require working well with others, and working with others is something we can all learn to do better. You may not agree with that statement, and we have found that all of our clients require other people to achieve their goals.

Human civilization is a team sport. You and I got to where we are through the partnership of the people around us. No matter how many people have let us down, someone rose to the occasion for each of us.

Now is your time to rise to the occasion. Heroism is a verb, not a noun. 

There are many ways to get the support you need to rise to the occasion. Some people use coaches like us for support. Whether you ever talk to us or not, stay open to the contributions of others. That’s how we make it through a crisis: with our communities.

If we’re really going to change things, we need new eyes to see.

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