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Life isn’t always easy, and it’s usually simple.

Human beings often collapse simple and easy. Getting fit is simple: exercise often and be responsible for what you put in your body. Simple, but not always easy.

Simply put, there are things you and I want. There always will be. We can create specific benchmarks to measure that. Having better relationships is not specific. Spending an hour a day with our loved ones and being fully present during that hour is specific.

Creating results can be simple even when fulfilling them isn’t easy. Fulfilling them is simply about being up for the challenge.

Once you know what you want specifically, you can break down the actions to simple, bite sized tasks. Writing a book is a huge and complex project. Writing one word and sentence at a time is simple. Loving the people in my life unconditionally is a simple idea, and it isn’t always easy. Having anything I want is as simple as creating intentions and plans and taking action. The actions are simple, even when they are challenging.

When part of my life gets complicated, it’s usually because I’ve lost sight of what I really want. Confusion is one of the easiest ways to let myself off the hook for taking bold action to have what I want. Easy, but not simple.

It’s the simple pleasures in life that bring me joy: the chirp of the birds, the way the sun shines into my bedroom in the morning, and the sense of joy of sharing these ideas with you.

I could get farther into detail about all of this, and just for today I’m keeping it simple.

Just for today, keep it simple, easy or not.

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