Taking it to the Limit

windWe all have moments when we give life everything we’ve got to give. Times when we rise to the occasion. In sad irony,  life rarely goes our way in those moments.

If things were really clicking, we wouldn’t have to push so hard. In those moments when we push the most, we are challenged. There’s no reason to give everything to the easy stuff.

When I look around at the rest of the people in the world (an ever-expanding pursuit), I notice that everyone finds themselves backed into a corner sometimes. And in those moments, there’s almost always someone there to shine light on the way out, or point a direction, or lift debris out of the way.

There are a lot of things I do as a coach. It’s a strange job, and it’s a worthwhile and fulfilling use of my time and effort. Sometimes I’m asking someone who is doing their absolute best to keep going full-speed into the face of adversity. To insist that because they have demonstrated and measured what they are capable of, they should consistently engage life that way. Witnessing those flashes of sheer effort are some of the bits I cherish most about this grand adventure we’re on.

Not everyone is that committed or ambitious, and that’s part of what makes society so magical. I love that people can be so the same yet so completely different. But this post is for anyone who ever demanded the maximum of themselves. And I’m sure you have at least once.

It took you about two minutes to read this. It will take about four more to reach out to someone who has been there when you needed them and say, “Hey, there was a moment when you being there made a huge difference for me.”

I’ll bet you a taco that will be a worthwhile six minutes of your life.

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