9 October 2015


  • Colleen N.

    With lots of opportunity at my feet, and no strategy in place to tap into it, I knew I needed a mentor to move forward. With Mic's guidance, I was able to blue sky a long and short term vision as well as an implementation plan for my life, and then apply the skills I bring to my work to my personal life.

    I am happy to report that in 6 months I successfully moved to NYC with a great job and married the person of my dreams. Mic is tapped into the collective zeitgeist and I highly recommend working with him if you'd like to get in touch with your true inner path and manifest your dreams.

  • Evan M.

    Before hiring Mic, I struggled to take bold action and generate consistent income as a freelance musician. Through Mic’s focus, humor, and passion as a business coach, I discovered that mastering the “inner game” of one’s mindset was fundamental to achieving success in the “outer game” of one’s career.

    After six months of coaching with Mic, I increased my net income by 52%. I also developed the skills to take courageous steps in pursuit of my creative and professional dreams. I would highly recommend Mic as a coach to any musician or creative artist hungry to grow and develop.

  • Nic A.

    Mic is an expert in pushing and coaching people in the music industry to see their full potential. I would recommend that any band or musician who is looking to grow a career, contact Mic and listen to what he has to say. Mic will guide you to what you are looking for.

  • Jennifer J.

    Mic has been my coach for the past few years. I just can not tell you how much he has helped me changed my life. I am grateful for his support, and I am grateful for his encouragement. And mostly I am grateful for him seeing what I didn't see in myself. He pushed me to be my best. I will forever be grateful for all that he has helped me accomplish. He is an amazing coach!

  • Kurt K.

    There are no esoteric concepts or New Age magic in working with Mic. You pick a destination and through his astonishingly accurate assessment of your current situation, he helps you establish a working strategy, and at the same time become aware of and move beyond thought patterns that are preventing you from having the life you desire and deserve. The journey isn't always easy, but with Mic's sense of humor and his generous and effective guidance, you feel you have a partner who is always available, honest, and determined to see you succeed.

    The biggest gift I received from working with Mic was a set of powerful life management tools that I will use for the rest of my life. Through Mic's coaching and firm, but kind approach, I moved past decades of allowing life to happen to me and began taking charge of where I wanted to go. My relationships with my wife, my kids, my job and a fulfilling life all changed dramatically.

  • Matthew T.

    Early in my career, Mic Mell inspired me to think bigger. He has always put the success of the project before his own ego and self-advancement. Mic Mell taught me a great deal about how professionalism applies to the entertainment industry, and I am still exercising those skills today.

  • Steven L.

    Mic was my coach through the most difficult times of my life, both personally and professionally. His tireless enthusiasm and sage advice not only helped me get through the rough spots, but emerge a better man on the other side. Much of my personal and professional success is a reflection of his teaching and example!