The Wonder of You


Think about the things in your life that matter to you.

Are you living life to the fullest?

There’s a lot of “I don’t know” in the answer.

Over here, in your meat suit where you are reading this, your life is not a concept.
You are not a theory, or an insightful notion.

You are a human being, and what is important to you matters.

It is possible for an adult to have the same wonder about the world a child does.
It is possible for you to live in that kind of wonder, not as an abstract concept, but as the actual world you live in now.

You used to have that wonder.  I wonder what happened to it?

This is real life.  If you were inquiring into the beauty and opportunity of life, what amazing stuff would happen today?

1 thought on “The Wonder of You

  • Great read! I’ve tapped into this thought many times about how when I was child, getting up each morning was so much easier because, as children, we have so much to look forward to and were already excited about the day before it even started. I’ve been working to get that same pep in my step back for a while. We should really be able to have that “wonder” we did as a child.

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