There are moments when the most surprising things happen.

There are moments when the most surprising things happen. Those completely unexpected and wonderful gifts that life brings.

Perhaps the most amazing opportunity appears, or a project turns out far better than you expected, or someone you love says or does something surprising. I love serendipity.

Most people think being delighted is dependent upon circumstances, because who knows when magic will occur? It is true that we don’t know what life will bring us. In our quest for certainty, security, and understanding, we pretend we do. It’s part of the human condition.

We do know our expectations, though. That endless rut of predictability and resignation. Often, we think we know how our efforts will turn out and how long that will take. We know how our loved ones will behave. We know what work will be like (more of the same), and even though we hope for the best, in the hidden world of our minds we all have secret thoughts like:

“It would be great if X happened. But it probably won’t.” 

“I’d better aim low so I can be successful.”

“That would be great, but there’s no way I can have that now.”  

And that is how human beings get stuck with what they know, and how delight becomes an endangered species.

You and I, we know so much about how life is. Too much. Somewhere inside our meat suits, there is a spark of the infinite. Some call it consciousness or spirit or soul or being. Your imagination and your creativity are not bound by matter. They are limitless. Children live in a world where anything is possible. Somewhere in growing up, you and I misplace our capacity for that.

There is a correlation between your view of life and the amount of delight you experience. The more willing you are to allow yourself to be surprised by what life brings you, the more delight you will experience.

If you want the you want, it will cost you the life you have.

You’ll have to let go of knowing who and how the people around you behave if you want them to surprise you. You’ll have to be willing to discover them in new ways.

Just for today, trade in all your knowledge of how things are, how someone is, or how life goes, and allow yourself to be delighted by what shows up. 

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