This is Your Time

What a weird time to be alive. To be fair, every time is a weird one when you’re self aware. And none of us are self-aware all of the time. We are still aminals (intentional tpyo).

As I’m writing this, we’re preparing for BBQs and a sunny weekend after a year of being locked in our homes. Not by an authoritarian force or the will of some dumbass, but by nature herself and the inevitable evolution of life on Earth that is immune to our interpretation of the facts.

Maybe we’re already on the other side of the singularity. Maybe this time and place we find ourselves, where we can all communicate and the food supply is stable, maybe now is your time.

Yes, you reading this. This is your time. Now. The parts of your life and your projects look however they look today. Some are never started, some in some state of progress. Some done.

Here you are and things are how they are and now is your time. Your time to take action.

It doesn’t matter how it all turns out. How it all ends is more or less the same for all of us. You’re here now and you’re self-aware. This is your time.

Just take a couple small steps to move things forward. If you do that enough times, things move. That’s how moving works.

Remember, the absolute worst thing that can happen is a satellite falls on the place you’re standing and it’s over. At that point, none of this matters. So you may as well work on the stuff you care about while you can, because you get to say what you do with your time.

You and I eat better than most of the royals in human history. That’s because this is your time.

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